No research without action, no action without research.

Kurt Lewin

We believe in the importance of accredited research. While our blog focuses on conversational type discussions, we continually balance that with empirically tested frameworks and methodologies. We remain actively involved and at the forefront of the latest research by contributing directly to the debate.

Some of our published research

Professionalisation of financial planning

Professionalisation of Financial Planning

Australia, Canada and South Africa

Research by Dr Gizelle Willows

Towards an integrated debiasing framework

A reflection on debiasing research

Perceptions of retirement savings

Through the lens of Black amaXhosa Women in South Africa.

Buy and buy again

The impact of unique reference points on (re)purchase decisions.

Behavioural finance

Develop a retirement plan and stick to it

This active step will improve both your attitude and behaviour with money.

Behavioural finance

South African individual retirement savings

An analysis of social factors: age, gender, race, education, marital status, & income.

Behavioural finance

Monday mornings: Time to sell those losses

Individual investor trading on days of the week and times within a day.

Behavioural finance

Financial literacy

Insights into low levels of financial knowledge across all subgroups.

Behavioural finance

The Grameen Bank Model

Financial viability in South Africa as a tool to combat poverty.

A comparison of retirement saving using discretionary investment and Regulation 28

Discretionary investment vs Regulation 28

A comparison of retirement savings

Behavioural finance

Who trades profusely?

The characteristics of frequent trading individual investors.