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Happy Staff | Financial Wellness in the Workplace

This article highlights the reasons why financial wellness in the workplace is important. Employers benefit from happy staff. And happy staff are those with better mental health and increased productivity, both facilitated by being in control of their financial situation.
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Primacy and recency effects
The order of information influences your decisions. First impressions matter! It's all got to do with primacy and recency effects.
Hyperbolic vs exponential discounting
When you delay instant gratification, you will experience long-term satisfaction. That's hyperbolic vs exponential discounting. Don't let present bias win!
Proctrastination is the enemy of success
We know procrastination is the enemy of success. But while it looks like laziness, it's often just mental exhaustion at play. Learn how to overcome procrastination.
How to improve self control
Self-control is an essential life skill. It's what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Learn how to improve self-control to achieve your long-term goals.
The endowment effect and IKEA effect
In this post, you'll learn why you place extra value on things you already own. The endowment effect has implications for our investment portfolio, bonuses and consumer behaviour.
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I am passionate about helping people understand their behaviour with money and gently nudging them to spend less and save more. I have several academic journal publications on investor behaviour, financial literacy and personal finance, and perfectly understand the biases that influence how we manage our money. This blog is where I break down those ideas and share my thinking. I’ll try to cover relevant topics that my readers bring to my attention. Please read, share, and comment. That’s how we spread knowledge and help both ourselves and others to become in control of our financial situations.

Dr Gizelle Willows

Dr Gizelle Willows


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