Personal finance
Representative heuristic
Representativeness heuristic refers to the fact that we stereotype. It’s a mental shortcut. But beware of making unfounded comparisons.
risk and uncertainty in economics
Risk and uncertainty will always surround us. Gambler's Fallacy, the hot-hand effect, the law of small numbers & ambiguity aversion are just some of the biases that arise because of it.
Availability effect definition
Availability bias and survivorship bias influence our decision-making. We make decisions based on the information available to us.
Primacy and recency effects
The order of information influences your decisions. First impressions matter! It's all got to do with primacy and recency effects.
Hyperbolic vs exponential discounting
When you delay instant gratification, you will experience long-term satisfaction. That's hyperbolic vs exponential discounting. Don't let present bias win!
Proctrastination is the enemy of success
We know procrastination is the enemy of success. But while it looks like laziness, it's often just mental exhaustion at play. Learn how to overcome procrastination.
How to improve self control
Self-control is an essential life skill. It's what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Learn how to improve self-control to achieve your long-term goals.
Financial trouble
We feel like we can’t catch a break because our human nature works against us when we try to stay out of financial trouble. This article discusses 8 financial and behavioural pitfalls for us to be aware of.
Happy staff
This article highlights the reasons why financial wellness in the workplace is important. Employers benefit from happy staff. And happy staff are those with better mental health and increased productivity, both facilitated by being in control of their financial situation.

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Availability effect definition
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Primacy and recency effects
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